10 Easy Nature Activities for Kids That Will Spark Their Imagination

easy nature activities for kids

Looking for easy kids' nature activities?

As parents, we want our children to experience the joys of nature, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. So, I have put together a little list of 10 really easy nature activities for kids that will inspire and spark their imaginations, while encouraging a love of nature.

1 - Build a fairy house

To build a fairy house, all you need are some sticks, leaves and other natural materials. Simple put them together into a little nest to create a cosy little fairy house. This activity is great for imaginative play and can be done in any outdoor space.

2 - Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of things for your kids to find in nature, such as pine cones, leaves, stones, feathers or flowers. You can even make specific lists of different habitats or different times of the year. (You can find a whole range of nature scavenger hunts in my little shop.)

3 - Leaf Rubbings

Take a walk in the park, forest or around your neighbourhood and collect different types of leaves, then place them under a piece of paper and rub a crayon over the top. This is a really fun way to start teaching kids about the different types of leaves.

4 - Nature Bracelets

Cut a piece of tape and wrap it around your child’s wrist with the sticky side facing out. Then, as you do your nature walk, collect small leaves, flowers, seeds and grasses to stick onto the tape. (But make sure you have permission to pick them first.)

5 - Nature Mandala

Collect flowers, leaves, stones, shells and other natural materials and arrange them in a mandala on the ground. This helps promote mindfulness and creativity while also teaching kids about symmetry. (Again, make sure you have permission to pick things.)

6 - Rock Painting

Collect smooth rocks on a walk along the seashore or river bank, then pain and decorate them with different pictures and designs. They can then be used as book ends, paper weights, gifts, ornaments or even to decorate your plant pots or garden.

7 - Bird and Wildlife Watching

Take a nature walk or try a nature sit spot and observe the different birds, insects and wildlife you see. This activity not only helps develop patience and attentiveness, but is also a great way to teach kids about our different wildlife and perhaps spark an interest in nature conservation.

8 - Nature Photography

Give your kids free rein to use a camera or smartphone as a way to promote observation of the natural world? Yes! Allow them to look around and notice the world around them with the excuse of using technology – and also document your nature observations and capture family nature adventures.

9 - Make a Bird Feeder

Use a pine cone or coconut shell and some peanut butter and bird seed to make a really simple homemade bird feeder. Then hang it up outside and see which birds come to eat. You can even sketch and try to identify them. This activity is a fantastic way to learn about birds and their behaviour.

10 - Make Some Nature Art

Collect all kinds or natural materials such as sticks, stones, moss, leaves and create pictures or collages with them. These can be teeny tiny or as big as you can go! It is a great way to encourage creativity and helps kids to appreciate the different textures, shapes and colours found in nature.


Nature is full of wonder and inspiration and these easy nature activities for kids are a great way to introduce your children to the natural world. By encouraging them to explore, observe and create, you can help foster a lifelong love of nature that will benefit them for years to come.

So get ready for endless, imaginative fun! (and if you enjoyed this tutorial and would love more ideas and inspiration for learning about and connecting to nature with your family, subscribe below and be the first to know about new articles and resources.)

See you soon and happy nature walking,

Leila x

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