10 Spring flowers to look out for this month

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10 spring flowers

About this tutorial

Hello! If you love nature, you must surely love spring. The buds are bursting, the birds are singing and wildflowers are adorning the land with rainbows and splashes of colour. So, I decided that for today’s tutorial, we are going to meet 10 of our most common spring flowers. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Our 10 most common spring flowers

In rough order of the first to bloom, our top 10 spring flowers, are: Snowdrops, crocus, lesser celandine, cuckoo’s pint, daffodil, dandelion, primrose, violets, lady’s smock and bluebells.

Trees with spring blossoms

In addition to our ground dwelling flowers, many of our trees are also covered in beautiful spring blossoms. Some of these include: ash, blackthorn, cherry, crab apple, damson, hawthorn, rowan, whitebeam, wild pear and willow.

Trees with catkins

Remember, that catkins are also flowers and blossom in the spring. The best catkins to look out for, are: alder, aspen, birch, hazel and willow.

Where to find spring flowers

The best places to look out for wild flowers this season, are:

  • Primrose, vetch and lady’s smock in fields and meadows,
  • Lesser celandine, bluebells and violets in our shrubs and woodlands
  • Cuckoo’s pint and daffodils along hedgerow embankments
  • Blackthorn and hawthorn in country hedgerows
  • Crocus, snowdrops and cherries in parks and gardens

Flower nature study

Try to sketch, annotate and identify the flowers you find. Describe their petals shape, colour, texture and number. Gently count their number of stamens and pistils. Describe the shape and size of their leaves. Do they have a smell? Are they attracting any wildlife?

Spring flowers by colour

Here is a breakdown of the most common spring flowers by colour. You can use this guide and the images and resources below to help you identify the flowers you find.

  • White flowers – Daisies, hawthorn, ramsons, snowdrops, strawberries, wood anemone and lily of the valley
  • Blue flowers – Bluebells and forget-me-nots
  • Pink flowers – Campion, cherry blossom, crocus and lady’s smock
  • Yellow flowers – Daffodils, dandelions, lesser celandine and primrose
  • Purple flowers – Vetch violets

Our spring flower gallery

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