10 Things to look for on a March nature walk

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Are you ready for a nature walk?

Hello and welcome to My Nature Nook!

I would first like to start by saying a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone who signed up to my newsletter. Sadly, I did not win the competition- there were 14,000 entries, so a LOT of competition. But, I did learn a great deal by undertaking this challenge.

I hope you are all doing well and ready to dive in to some great March nature walks. Yes? Then grab your March spotter sheet and let’s get started!

Here are our top ten things to look out for this month:

  1. Ash buds
  2. Beech buds
  3. Hazel buds
  4. Sycamore buds
  5. Willow buds
  6. Lesser celandine
  7. Crocus
  8. Daffodils
  9. Snowdrops 
  10. Primrose 

When you are on the look out for tree buds, keep your eyes open and see if you can spot the buds in all their stages of bud burst – this is when the young leaves burst out of their protective buds and finally open to meet the sun! Where we are at the moment, sycamore and hawthorn having been busy opening in the woodlands and hedgerows. Here are some pictures I took of a sycamore tree in its various stages of bud burst. Which trees buds are opening where you are?

If you are lucky, in warmer corners, you might start to see some blossom bursting too. This morning, we spotted some fuzzy yellow willow catkins and some beautiful bright pink cherry. Yesterday, we found our first blackthorn blossom too.

Another thing to look out for now, are insects. We noticed our first butterfly and bumble bee of the year this week.the butterfly was a red admiral, but we were not close enough to identify the bumble bee.

Right! Are you ready to go exploring and see what you can find? Why not share your March bud bursts with us over in the Young Explorers’ Nature Nookor tag us @my.nature.nook on Instagram. I would love to see them x

P.S. Don’t forget to download this month’s Nature Spotter Sheet 😊

Have fun, and happy nature walking!

Leila x

My Nature Nook

Hello, I’m Leila! Welcome to My Nature Nook. I help women grow their nature knowledge and deepen their connection to Nature.

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