Hello, I'm Leila...

I help frazzled women struggling with burnout and overwhelm connect mindfully with nature so they can regain their peace, poise, vitality and inspiration

I am a doctor, herbalist, nature awareness coach from the UK and it is my mission to help women deepen their connection to Nature in a gentle, enjoyable and nurturing way.

So, if you find beauty in nature, and if your heart sings when you go outdoors and growing your wonderful, wild, nature knowledge excites and intrigues you, then you are in the right place.

When I hit burnout in my studies and career, I made myself make one small committment… taking time in my time-less day to consciously connect with nature.

This one small action every day, helped me regain my confidence, step back into myself and find the space to breathe, dream and smile.
Now, I share the mindset and strategies I used that helped thousands of women just like me to improve their wellbeing through nature so that you too can fill your life with gentleness, peace and poise.
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