About My Nature Nook

About My Nature Nook

Who are we and what do we do?

Our Mission

At My Nature Nook, we have one mission:

  • To grow your nature knowledge
  • To build your nature walk confidence
  • To help you achieve nature walk magic

What Is Nature Walk Magic?

Nature walk magic occurs when you are fully connected to the world around you. Everything you see, smell or hear, is like a friend. You know their names, their personalities, their quirks and their uses. It makes your nature walks come to life. It makes them enjoyable and rewarding.

How Do We Achieve This?

In order to accomplish our mission, we have one very simple rule:

  • Make nature walks fun
  • Make nature study fun
  • Make them both a part of everyday life!
identifying tree fruits and berries

We Make Nature Walks Fun!

It's true...

How Do We Make Nature Walks Fun?

By creating fun, friendly, beautiful resources.

  • Resources, which inspire, educate and fill you with wonder.
  • Resources, which make you pause and think. 
  • Resources, which connect you to the natural world.

Explore, discover, play!

We make nature study fun – to grow your knowledge and confidence!

  • Our courses and tutorials are bite-sized and easy
  • Our printable resources are instantly downloadable
  • Our field guides help you identify your finds

Who Made My Nature Nook?

A little team of three!


My name is Leila. I am a full-time mum to two little explorers, poet, artist, doctor and herbalist. I also love nature – as you can see! I design and create all My Nature Nook resources, including the website, courses, books and activities. But, as any mother will know, it can be difficult juggling life around young children, so everything you see here is created in snatches in the rare moments my young explorers are sleeping. 

The purpose of My Nature Nook, is to help get you back to nature by providing beautiful, enjoyable, useful resources to help re-connect you and your family to nature. Our aim is to grow your nature knowledge and build your nature walk confidence. We have even created a virtual nature walk to experience the magic first hand!

I hope you enjoy our Nature Nook x

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P.P.S. We love hearing about your nature adventures. You can connect with us via email (lbassir@mynaturenook.com), on Instagram or even on Facebook.

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