Hi there, I'm Leila

I’m here to help you grow your Nature knowledge and deepen your Nature connections.

My Story

Like so many women, I fell into my quest for Nature knowledge, by seeking calm and connection to something beautiful, rooted and greater than myself.

Nature was like a balm to me. It gave me strength and companionship. It taught me patience and compassion. And the longer I spent in Nature, the more I realised just how much there is to learn!

So, I studied voraciously – field guides, poetry, natural history… I took on an allotment; worked in a garden center; studied herbal medicine at university… and I spent every spare moment outside. I rambled, led nature walks, foraged, grew fruits ,vegetables and medicinal plants, wrote nature quizzes for my local school… and loved every moment.

In my lonely, student days, Nature was like a friend to me – local trees, nearby flowers, neighborhood birds… I grew to know them intimately.

Later, as a doctor working long shifts inside the hospital, I came to value my twice daily commutes as windows to re-charge myself in the absence of time to actually spend in Nature.

Now, as a mother, I can see the benefits of time sent outdoors on my two young children. They are always so much happier and calmer and curious outside.

But, what I did not appreciate until much later, was how lucky I was to have had access to so many books, mentors and opportunities. I assumed that everyone knew all this stuff but just didn’t bother to use it.

Then, I began talking to other women – students, colleagues, mothers… They noticed my interest in the trees and plants around me and soon started asking questions. What is this? What is that? How do you know so much? They wanted to know how they could learn too.

So, I started by creating Nature activity books and scavenger hunts for my children – and by parental request, my children’s friends. Before deciding to pivot and create a resource that will educate and inspire everyone – not just busy mothers, but all nature-loving women. And so, My Nature Nook was born.

Why do I do what I do?

As a full-time mother, perpetual student and medical doctor, I know how difficult it can be managing student, parent and day-job stress. Sometimes it seems there is no opportunity to even take a breath. Never mind make time for Nature. Which is why I love helping mothers, students and hard-working women find much-needed moments of calm and serenity, balance and harmony, through conscious connection to Nature.

I love seeing faces light up as my students spot an intriguing bird or learn the names of the things they can see. When they realise that everything – each plant, tree, insect and bird has its own unique character and quirks and personalities. When they realise that actually, everything has its own name.

And it warms my heart when those around me put faces to names and start seeing the medicinal or edible plants they work with, use or come across actually in front of them, in the wild, in the field. What was before just words in their memory, suddenly comes to life. Their perspective shifts. Everything changes. And the world is never quiet as it was before.

Helping other people awaken their Nature awareness, grow their Nature knowledge and deepen their Nature connection is my joy and my passion. And so, it is an honour to share my journey with you and help you take steps towards your own Nature adventure.

My Nature Nook is here to guide you

Whether you are just starting out on your Nature adventure or whether you are years into your quest for connection, My Nature Nook is here to guide you along your way.

Each page on this site is designed to help you expand your awareness, grow your knowledge and deepen your connection with Nature.

Are you ready to join us on our journey?

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