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Welcome to Linnet's Art Gallery.

Feel free to browse and have a look around my art gallery and practice pages.

Here you will find examples of my different art styles and projects. Some images are illustrations for children’s books; others are samples from my sketch and work books; and others are examples of commissioned work for websites or adverts sent in my direction! Either way. I hope you find something you like that reflects the illustration styes you are looking for. Leila x

Linnet's Workbook Art Gallery

Practice pieces and doodles from my digital workbook

All the images in this gallery were created using a finger and an illustration app called Procreate, on my ipad. Once upon a time, I enjoyed illustrating in pastels, paints, pencils and ink. But, sadly, having a young child in the house required a little lateral thinking. An ipad and a finger are non-messy, easy to pick up and speedy to put down. Plus, I can carry on from exactly where I left off, with the ability to delete and undo mistakes when my Little Explorer hurls an occasional toy in my direction, or suddenly decides to see what I am doing and tugs or pushes my arm. 

Gallery of Children's Book Illustrations

Children's book illustrations - commissioned and my own

Again, much like my doodle pieces, my book illustrations are all created using Procreate, my finger and my ipad. Each illustration may take anywhere from a few days, up to a fortnight to create, as I tend to concentrate better when my Little Explorer is sleeping and therefore unlikely to jolt my attention. Sadly, my Little Explorer is not so good at sleeping or  daytime napping, though, so they do take a long time. But, this is to ensure I always work to the best of my ability and create the best art work that I can. 

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