Autumn Activity – I-Spy Birds

An Autumn Activity – I Spy… Birds!

Who will you spy amongst the branches in this fun Autumn Activity?

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling and the trees are looking glum – but are they? Join me today for an Autumn Activity and let us play a game of I Spy! You will be amazed what is lurking beneath that gloom…

Where to Play

This game can be played anywhere and any time you want – although, it helps to be outside 🙂 Perhaps you can try it on your way to school, your commute to work or walking to the shops. Or, you can have a fun day out and plan an Autumn Watch Weekend!


How to Play

Our I Spy Bird game is very easy to play and suitable for all ages. You need to keep your eyes and ears open and find as many different birds as you can. Keep a list or tally with you, or write down as many birds as you can think of and tick them off as you go.

Do you remember our Nature Walk basic structure? We are going to take that structure and apply it in a fun way here.



Start the game by looking up at the sky – What can you hear? What can you see? Our favourite autumn Sky Spy is Geese! Listen carefully – you will often hear them before you see them. Look for them trailing across the sky. How many flocks can you spy? Are they big or small? Sometimes it sounds like only one or two geese – until you look up and see that actually, there are what looks like hundreds of them – all gliding silently by.



CanopyBlue tit

Next look at the canopy – if there are trees – or at the roof tops and lampposts if you are in the city – What can you see and hear now? Seagulls? Magpies? Pigeons? Crows? We were amazed to find a tree full of blue tits, all whisping and lisping away. Next, on our way back, we spotted a beautiful robin perched on a bus stop. Nobody noticed – they were engrossed on phones and music, but the robin was singing its little heart out. So we paused by the bus stop a while to listen.




Next up, you must look at the canopy. This will be the lower branches and tree trunks – or walls, doors and window ledges. What can you spy? More pigeons roosting and cooing? Sparrows twittering? Seagulls spying? We spied a tree creeper on our way to the park! I had not seen one of these in a long, long time.




The next place to spy is the undergrowth. This will be the low lying hedgerows, bushes and bottommost tree branches – or the fences, verges and the cracks between the buildings and the road. Who can you spot here? We discovered a bush bursting to the seams with hundreds of chattering sparrows. They all flew with a rustle and a whir as we stopped and went closer to peep at them. Perhaps you may find sparrows too? Or blackbirds? Thrushes? Finches? Or starlings?




The ground is as it’s name suggests – anything at ground level. That means the grass, paths, streets and pavements. We found lots of crows, rooks, jackdaws, magpies, a pair of wood pigeons and a raven. Then, on our trip out in the afternoon, we even came across a pair of waddling ducks – they waddled along the pavement, crossed at the traffic lights and disappeared under a fence into somebody’s garden!




This category is perhaps unfair, but I will include it anyway. You are unlikely to spot any underground birds… but you might spot birds engaged in underground activities. Perhaps a seagull paddling the grass for worms? A blackbird scouring for insects? Or – a surprise to us – a magpie burying nuts and seeds!


The Final Count

At the end of your I Spy Bird Day Autumn Activity, count up the number of birds you have seen – count all the birds in total and also the number of species you have seen. Did you spot more than ten species? The person with he highest count for both species and number wins!


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