Nature Walks

Nature walks – whether they are serious, long distant wilderness treks, or fun, bite-sized, family friendly day trips; a relaxing stroll down the beach or a park, or a brisk walk through the city streets… As long as you open your eyes, tune your ears, and ready yourself for anything, Nature Walks will always surprise you :-)

For new Nature Walkers, the idea of a Nature Walk can sometimes seem scarey or intimidating. Nature Walks are for serious outdoors enthusiasts, homeschoolers, forest schoolers, hippies…. but this could not be further from the truth.

Doing a Nature Walk should be a fun, exciting, engaging experience the whole family can enjoy. It does not need special skills. Neither does it need special equipment. All it needs is willingness, open mindedness and participation.

You walk, and as you walk, you observe the world around you. You feel the weather, hear the birds, observe the wildlife around you. And, you smell the trees, the earth, the wind, the flowers.

If you don’t know what you are looking, listening and smelling, that’s okay. Just be receptive and observant. Everything else will come with experience and time.

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