Illustrated Tree Guides

How to use these illustrated tree guides

Are you ready to expand your awareness, grow your knowledge and deepen your connection to the trees you find? Click a link below to learn more about the treasures you have found on your nature walks. Or, go back to the main field guide home page.

My Nature Nook's Illustrated Tree Guides

Hello and welcome to My Nature Nook’s Illustrated Tree Guides. Designed in an easy-to-use at-a-glance fashion, these guides will help you to quickly and easily identify some of the most common trees you are likely to find on your nature walks.

You do not need any botanical knowledge to use these guides, only awareness and common sense. To identify a tree, look for all the clues available to you – are there any leaves, buds, seeds, nuts, fruits, berries or flowers? Is the shape of the tree distinctive or its branch structure or even its bark? These clues can be used one by one or together to help you narrow down and identify your finds.

If you have individual clues like this, you can click directly on the link above and try to identify your tree that way, or if you already have an idea and would love to see if you’re right, you can visit my tree profile pages.

Hope you find them useful,

Leila x

P.S. Looking for a Tree Identification Guide?

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