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Lets meet our most common tree blossoms

Hello! This guide is here to help you quickly and easily identify some of our most common trees by their flowers and blossoms. Simple scroll down and browse the blossoms available to see which looks similar to the one you wish to identify, then click the link below each image to visit that tree’s profile page and see its other clues and check its identity. Please note, I have not yet completed all the tree profiles, so only some of them are linked.

apple blossom


blackthorn, spring flowers



identifying flowering trees broom


cherry blossom


dog rose flowers

Dog Rose


identifying flowering trees gorse


guelder rose flowers

Guelder Rose

identifying honeysuckle flowers


pear blossom


spring nature walk - plum blossom



identifying flowering rowan trees


service tree flowers

Service Tree

spindle tree flowers


Wayfaring tree

Wayfaring Tree

whitebeam tree flowers


Using our tree blossoms identification guide

Tree flowers are a useful way of identifying trees in the spring and summer months – sometimes, even before there are leaves on the trees. So, it is nice to be able to identify them. When trying to identify blossom or other tree flowers, the main features to look for, are:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Single or clustered
  • Petal shape
  • Stamen length, number and colour

Remember to use all available clues to help you in identifying your blossom. If you find yourself struggling, think about other distinctive features – like bark, buds or leaves. Sometimes, you might even spot last year’s leaves or berries either on the tree or on the ground below it. Think about the time of year too. Blackthorn is one of our earliest spring blossoms, followed by cherry, sycamore, ash and hawthorn.

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