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My Nature Nook's Tree Profiles

Hello and welcome to My Nature Nook’s Illustrated Tree Profiles, designed to help you quickly and easily learn about or corroborate the identity of our most common countryside trees.

At the moment, they are a little sparse and thin on the ground, but I create them in snippets while my children are sleeping. So, keep an eye open and pop back from time to time, as I will continue to update and add to this list as I create new profiles.

If you need a little more help identifying a tree, remember to look for all the clues available to you – are there any leaves, buds, seeds, nuts, fruits, berries or flowers? Is the shape of the tree distinctive or its branch structure or even its bark? These clues can be used one by one or together to help you narrow down and identify your finds in my illustrated tree ID guides..

Hope you find them useful,

Leila x

P.S. Looking for a Tree Identification Guide?

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