How to identify a hazel tree

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how to identify a hazel tree

How do you identify a hazel tree?

Wondering if you are looking at a hazel tree? Your clues are their leaves, buds, seeds and catkins. Here’s what they look like at-a-glance:

hazel leaf
identifying hazel tree buds
hazel nuts
hazel catkins

Hazel tree facts

Hello! In today’s guide we are going to learn how to identify a hazel tree. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Here are a few hazel facts:

  • Common name: Hazel
  • Latin name: Corylus avellana
  • Family: Betulaceae

Hazel trees can grow up to 12 meters tall, live for up to 80 years and can be found growing in hedgerows and woodlands.

hazel leaf

Hazel leaves

Hazel leaves are rounded in shape with a poiny tip, toothed and lightly hairy.

identifying hazel tree buds

Hazel buds

Their buds are alternate, small, green and rounded.

hazel nuts


Their nuts are light brown, round and surrounded by several ragged, leafy husks.

hazel catkins

Young hazel catkins

The young catkins are short, stubby, green and have a criss-cross texture.

hazel catkins

Mature hazel catkins

The mature catkins are long, yellowish, soft and dangly. (The female flowers look like tiny buds with bright red tufts of hair.)

Trees that look similar to hazel

hazel leaf

Hazel leaf

linden leaves

Linden leaf


Linden leaves look similar to hazel, but are wider at the base (and asymmetrical) and narrower at the tip.

hazel catkins

Hazel catkins

birch catkins

Birch catkins


Birch catkins, when young, can look like hazel catkins, but are yellower in colour and have a more grainy texture.

Hazel tree uses

  • Medicinal -Hazel nuts were traditionally used for inflammation and as a gentle, nutritive tonic
  • Dyes – Hazel produces a variety of yellowy, green and brown dyes.
  • Bushcraft – Hazelnuts are edible raw or cooked and a great source of minerals and protein.
  • Wildlife – Hazel nuts are important to a variety of animals including the hazel dormouse.
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