Nurturing Nature Connections

What is Nature Awareness?

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Awareness is the key to enjoying Nature

About this tutorial

Hello! In today’s tutorial, we are going to explore a topic I get asked about a lot on My Nature Nook – what is nature awareness? We will also find out how it can enhance your nature walks, grow your nature connections and  improve your nature knowledge. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

The key to healing through Nature, is great Nature connection.

What is nature awareness?

Nature awareness is the ability to open your heart and open your mind to notice all the wonderful things around you – and to be one with the wonderful world around you. It gives you space to breathe, find your calm, discover your inner balance and walk with peace and serenity.

mule deer

The key to Nature connection, is great Nature awareness.

How aware are you?

Have you ever been on the road somewhere, or waiting around at a bus stop, and you suddenly realise – the time has simply disappeared and you have no idea how many things you have passed – or how many things have passed you? Imagine how much you could have missed – birdsong, wild flowers, sunbeams, rainbows or butterflies… Because you were lost inside yourself. Your awareness was directed inside of you.

Our world is amazing!

Now, imagine you could walk through the world with your awareness open to the world. This whole magical world could be yours. The dancing butterflies, the sun-dappled leaves, the scents of wild roses and honeysuckle, the warm, gentle breeze. Instead of life passing you by, you would be a part of life – beautiful, vibrant and alive. With a smile on your lips and a skip in your step.


Are you ready to expand your awareness?

what is nature awareness

Walk with awareness

A nature walk is an enjoyable experience connected to and immersed in Nature. It can be a brisk walk or a meandering stroll,  a walk along the beach, or a ramble through a forest. Even a turn around your local park. But, imagine doing this walk with your awareness turned inside of you. You might as well be walking in the city.

Your life will be transformed!

But, by walking with awareness, you turn everything around. Now, you become a part of the landscape you are traveling through. You become a part of Nature. By walking with awareness, you lift the walk from a mere walk into a magical experience. A walk accompanied by birdsong, brightened by butterflies and flowers, touched by sunbeams and raindrops. Wouldn’t this nature walk experience be so much more enjoyable and rewarding?

Ready to expand your awareness?

You'll grow your nature knowledge

Once you start living and walking with awareness, you automatically begin tuning in to the world around you. You start to notice patterns, changes, similarities. You begin to learn the life-cycles, personalities, quirks and habits of the trees, plants and wildlife living around you. Consciously or subconsciously, you begin gathering knowledge about all these aspects of Nature.

Things will all make sense!

After a time, you’ll realise, oh, look there’s that red fuzzy flower again. It always seems to grow in grassy areas… actually, it likes growing in sun-exposed grassy areas. And, isn’t it always surrounded by bumble bees? They seem to love it! Eventually, you will bend down to smell it and turn it over in your fingers. Its made up of lots of little flowers! And, look – there are three leaves…  You remember “clovers have three leaves”. You get home and look it up. It is indeed a red clover – and much beloved by bees.

what is nature awareness

Struggling to notice Nature?

My resources are here for you

From learning to nature walk, to starting your nature journal, to living your beautiful, peaceful countryside adventure, I am here to help you find calm and serenity though awareness and connection to Nature.

nature study classes


Beautiful nature walk printables to help expand your Nature awareness and grow your Nature knowledge.

nature activities and resources, nature activity books


Nature awareness courses to help start your Nature adventure and deepen your nature walk confidence.

children's nature club


Quick and easy Nature study tutorials designed to make you think, learn and connect to Nature in a conscious way.

Enjoy Nature every day!

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