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identifying common moths

Lets meet our most common moths

Hello! In this guide, we will introduce you to some of our most common moths and help you learn a little bit about them. Are you ready? Let’s meet them …

angled shades

Angled Shades

cinnabar moth

Cinnabar Moth

convolvulus moths

Convolvulus Hawk Moth

elephant hawk moth

Elephant Hawk Moth

common plume

Common Plume Moth

emperor hawk moth

Emperor Moth

eyed hawk moth

Eyed Hawk Moth

feathered thorn

Feathered Thorn

hummingbird hawk moth

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

lime hawk moth

Lime Hawk Moth

mottled beauty

Mottled Beauty

peppered moth

Peppered Moth

poplar hawk moth

Poplar Hawk Moth

privet hawk moth

Privet Hawk Moth

puss moth

Puss Moth

red underwing

Red Underwing

scalloped oak

Scalloped Oak

speckled yellow

Speckled Yellow

spring usher

Spring Usher

swallow-tailed moth

Swallow-tailed Moth

tiger jersey

Tiger Jersey

tiger moth

Tiger Moth

6-spot burnet

6-spot Burnet

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