Let’s Find Some Spring Flowers!

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining… its time to head out on a Nature Walk and find some spring flowers!

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First, that most unmistakable of spring flowers… the bright and  cheerful daffodil. The daffodil can be identifies by its startling yellow flowers with large, bold petals and its sticky-out trumpet centers. See them growing in clutches and clumps as they march and sway in vibrant clusters all along our paths, banks and verges.


Can you find some yellow daffodils?


Second up, is the blackthorn tree. Look in any hedgerow or forest and you are sure to spot its dainty, fairy blossoms… blackthorn is one of the very first trees to flower in the springtime. You can even spot them growing all along our motorways! 


Can you spot some blackthorn flowers?


Third up, is the celandine! Another bright yellow little flower, but more discreet than the daffodil. Celandine has dark green, heart-shaped leaves, and can be spotted growing along verges, under hedgerows and in parks, gardens, woodlands and street corners.


Can you track down some celandine?


Fourth on our list, is the primrose. A dainty, delicate pale yellow flower, found growing discreetly on sunny banks and hillsides and basking in the soft spring sunshine. Primrose has long, soft, downy, spongy, crinkly-looking leaves. It grows close to the ground so it can hide among the grasses!

primrose flowers

Can you find some primrose flowers?


Our fifth spring flower, is the snowdrop! Little, dainty, frosty white flowers, nodding gently on droopy green stalks. These flowers can be seen popping their heads up near tree roots, through autumn leaves and underneath the hedgerows. 


Can you find some dainty snowdrops?


Lastly, the sixth flower on our list – the fragile, pretty crocus. Often found growing in large, showy swathes in both country and city parks and gardens. Crocus comes in many colours – pink, purple, white, orange, yellow…

crocus flowers, spring, nature blog

Can you find some swathes of crocus?

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