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Links to Online Stores and Social Media

Links to our online stores and social media

Are you interested in finding our books and nature resources in a store close to you? Fancy joining and following me on social media? You can find all of my online shop links and social media connections here. 

Links to our online stores

At the moment, our Books and Nature Resources are only available to buy online via Amazon and Etsy. My artwork, and pieces related to that artwork, such as prints, posters, phone covers, magnets, coasters and greetings cards are available via Red Bubble and Deviant Art. Physical copies of our products (at the moment) will only be available for sale at Nature Walk events and activities hosted by The Nature Nook. (Please subscribe for details and information about these.)



Links to our Social Media

I am still learning to get to grips with my social media accounts, as I had never really used them until after creating this site! But, I try and post regular updates from my sketch book and information about books and resources or interesting links as often as I can. So, it would be lovely if you would link up and join my growing band of enthusiastic supporters across these social media sites. (Perhaps you can even pass on some helpful pointers or suggestions for improving my postings on these!)



Deviant Art


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