Kids Activities – Exploring Winter Trees

Outdoor Kid’s Activities – Exploring Winter Trees

The leaves have fallen… The weather is drab… What shall we do?

Let’s Explore Some Winter Trees!

Your Task:

  • To find and study some winter trees
  • See if you can name them
  • Draw them in your Nature Book
  • Collect your Nature Badge

Find your Trees

First, you must find your winter trees!

Before you can start this kids’ nature activity and begin completing your task, you must first find some winter trees.

For this you can go anywhere – as long as there are trees – or shrubs or even bushes… For example, you can look in a…

  • Forest
  • Park
  • Garden
  • Street verge
  • Field

Step away from your trees

Now take a big step back!

That’s right. Stand right back – right, right back, and take a good hard look at your trees, then think about what you can see.

  • What shape are they? If it helps, imagine them covered in leaves.
  • Are they straight and tall? Floppy or droopy? Short and fat? Skinny and thin?
  • Are they round? Square? Triangular? Open? Fountain? Weeping?
  • You can use the pictures below to help guide you.

identifying trees


identifying trees


identifying trees


identifying trees


identifying trees


identifying trees


identifying trees


identifying trees


Come closer to your trees

Move a few steps closer…

Now it is time to move in closer and look up inside the tree – look at the trees’ main branches now. We are going to study these.

  • How are the branches growing?
  • Do they start sticking out right from the very bottom?
  • Do they wait and come out at the very, very top?
  • Do they start somewhere in the middle?
  • Do they stick right out sideways? Point up? Point Down?

identifying trees

Central leader

identifying trees

Modified leader

identifying trees

Open center

And closer again…

Say hello to your tree!

Now I want you to move right up close and take a peek at the smallest branches and twigs growing on the tree.

  • How are these growing?
  • Are they all along the branch or only at the tips?
  • Do they grow straight out or curved up or down?
  • Are they stiff and snappy or bouncy and soft?
  • How about the little twigs? Are they few and far between or too many to count?
  • Are there buds on the twigs? Where are they growing?

Name your tree

It is time to identify your tree!

Think carefully about the shape of the tree; the way the branches hang and their overall feel… Can you guess what the tree might be? For example,

  • Weeping willow is droopy
  • Birch has lots of fine, bouncy, purpley twigs
  • Oak is strong and spreading

Look at the bark of the tree – does this give you a clue?

  • Silver birch is silvery-white and papery
  • Sycamore is a camouflage mosaic
  • Aspen has eyes and diamonds

Look around the tree…

  • Are there any fallen leaves?
  • Any seeds?
  • Any nuts?

Draw your tree

It is time to take out your Nature book and pencils!

Sketch the outline of the tree in your Nature Book thinking about its overall shape. Then add in the main branches – remember how they grow, then lightly show some twigs and finer branches.

If there are leaves, nuts or seeds around belonging to the tree, draw a few of these beside it.

If the bark is interesting, perhaps you could take a rubbing of this too.

Then remember to note down what you think the tree is, the date and where you found it!

Woo hoo! Yay!

It is time for your Badge!

nature detectives
nature detectives
nature detectives badge

Which one will you choose?

Go, go, go!

I hope you had fun? If you would like to learn more about Nature Walks and Outdoor, Nature-based Kids’ Activities, why not check out these posts?

Happy Nature Exploring!

Leila x

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