The naturalist’s toolkit

So, what does a naturalist need in order to study natural history?

The answer, is little more than a keen eye, keen ears, a nose for opportunities and an open, imaginative mind. 

Of course, there are things that can help a naturalist along, but these can play a supportive role, rather than being essentials. 

For example,

  • A notebook or nature journal
  • Pencils and colours
  • Field identification guides

Other items in the naturalist’s toolkit might include:

  • Magnifying glass, binoculars or microscope
  • Compass, butterfly net or fishing net
  • Camouflage
  • Bucket
  • Camera

But, these are extras and required more by the serious and academic naturalists than by families wanting to explore and enjoy a nature adventure. Though, I know, kids big and small enjoy waving butterfly nets through a meadow of flowers or splashing with a bucket through rock pools by the sea!