Tuning In To Birds

About this section:

The purpose of this activity is to begin focusing your attention onto and noticing birds. Whether they are seagulls, blackbirds, jackdaws, sparrows or crows, there are many birds of all shapes and sizes gracing our parks, countrysides, waterways and skies. So, why not start to meet them.

Your action steps

  • Begin by warming up your senses – shrug, relax and smile
  • Feel, smell, listen and look around you
  • Then start tuning in your eyes and ears to notice your local birds

Your field work

Look and listen carefully all around you.

  • Can you hear any birds?
  • Can you see any birds?
  • What are they doing?

Really pay attention to your surroundings – in the trees, on rooftops, in gardens, on ponds or rivers. Then, reflect on your thoughts and findings in the workbook.

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