Tuning in to Insects

About this section:

The purpose of this activity is to begin focusing on and paying attention to the world of insects and bugs around you. Because, whether they are spiders, butterflies, moths, worms, slugs, flies or ladybirds, there are millions of insects of all shapes and sizes living around and beside us.

Your action steps

  • Begin by warming up your senses – shrug, relax and smile
  • Feel, smell, listen and look around you
  • Then start tuning in your eyes and ears to notice any insects

Your field work

Look carefully around you – up, down and all around. Notice their movements, sounds, activities and colours.

  • Can you see any insects?
  • Can you hear any insects?
  • What are they doing?

Really pay attention to the air above you, on the ground below your feet, along the plants or tree line. Then, reflect on your thoughts and findings in the workbook.

Well… I truly hope you have enjoyed this masterclass and feel confident in your ability to go out and begin mastering your nature awareness. Remember, once you start opening your senses and mastering nature awareness, you will soon discover a whole new, magical, wonderful world, which once you step into, you can never step back. So get out there and enjoy it x

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