Tuning In To Plants

About this section:

The purpose of this activity is to begin focusing your attention onto and noticing plants. Because, we are surrounded daily by so many plants – wild plants, planted plants, showy plants, inconspicuous plants… wherever you look, you are sure to find some. So, it is nice to start tuning in and actually get to know them.

Your action steps

  • Begin by warming up your senses – shrug, relax and smile
  • Feel, smell, listen and look around you
  • Find a plant, then stand back and observe it
  • Then, move in closer and notice its details

Your field work

Look carefully at the plant – its size, shape colour, personality and health. Smell its flowers and notice its little details. Gently touch its petals, its leaves and its stalk.

  • What can you notice?
  • What impression does it give you?
  • Does it look healthy?
  • How does observing this plant make you feel?

Really pay attention to and think about what you can smell, see and feel. Then, reflect on your feelings in the workbook.

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