Tuning in to trees

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tuning in to trees

Tuning In To Trees

The purpose of today’s activity is to begin focusing your attention onto and noticing trees. Because, trees are much more than ‘green blobs on sticks!’ In fact, they are an entire world more than that – literally. Each tree will have its own network of insects, birds, animals, fungi, lichens, moss and other forms of life both supporting it and dependent upon it – without which, neither they nor it would survive.

Your action steps

  • Begin by warming up your senses – shrug, relax and smile
  • Feel, smell, listen and look around you
  • Find a tree, then stand back and observe it
  • Move in closer and notice its details

Your field work

Look carefully at the tree – up and down and all around. Pay attention to its shapes, colours, textures, sounds and smells.

  • What do you notice?
  • Does it make any sound?
  • How does the bark feel?
  • Does the have a particular smell?

Really pay attention to all the little details. Then, reflect on your feelings in the workbook.

Useful resources

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