What are the benefits of nature awareness?

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Resources > Masterclasses > Developing Nature Awareness > What are the benefits of nature awareness?

the benefits of nature awareness

What are the benefits of Nature Awareness?

In this lesson we will explore why spending time in nature is good for us, but spending time in nature with fully mindful awareness is even better.


We all know that spending time in nature is good for us and indeed, studies have shown that even as little as 20 minutes a day or 2 hours a week in nature has enormous physical, mental and emotional benefits. But, simply being in nature is not enough. To truely benefit from being in nature, we need to actually ‘be’ in nature. That is, fully aware of, in tune with and connected to her.

Health and wellbeing

Being in nature brings with it a whole variety of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits. Walking in green spaces helps to soothe and calm, lowering heart rate, blood pressure and stress responses. It reduces anxiety, helps in depression, boosts self-esteem and induces feelings of positivity and joy. Being surrounded by trees in woodlands or forests, actively reduces the stress hormone, cortisol; promotes secretion of the relaxation hormone, PSH and also enhances immunity. Even having access to images or scenes of nature can improve healing.

Aside from its health benefits, spending time in nature with awareness helps in other ways too. For those interested in growing their knowledge and deepening their nature connection, awareness provides a fantastic tool to achieve this. Because, as soon as you start spending time regularly connecting to and aware of the nature in an area, you will begin to recognise and identify individual species, their quirks, their changes and their personalities… and even individuals. This encourages you to get hands-on and interact with them on a much deeper level.

Knowledge and connection

Imagine, you always see a fuzzy red flower, which is surrounded by bumble bees. They seem to love it! One day, you bend down to smell it and turn it over in your fingers. Its made up of lots of little flowers! And, its leaves are all in little bunches of three. Then you remember, clovers have three leaves. So, you go home and look it up. It is indeed a red clover – and indeed beloved by bees. Now, every time you think about this plant, you can immediately recall its smell, its texture, its colours and its identifying features. It has changed from a generic ‘flower’ and taken on a name and personality.

In fact, once you start living and walking with awareness, you automatically begin tuning in to the world around you. You start to notice patterns, changes, differences and similarities. You begin to learn the life-cycles, personalities, quirks and habits of the trees, plants and wildlife living around you. Consciously or subconsciously, you begin gathering knowledge about all these aspects of Nature. So, are you ready to start awakening your nature awareness?

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