What is nature awareness?

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Resources > Masterclasses > Developing Nature Awareness > What is nature awareness?

what is nature awareness

What is Nature Awareness?

In this lesson, we explore why walking with mindful awareness is so important to growing your knowledge and deepening your connection to nature.

Overview of nature awareness

Nature awareness is the ability to open your heart and open your mind to notice all the wonderful things around you – and to be one with the wonderful world around you. It gives you space to breathe, find your calm, discover your inner balance and walk with peace and serenity.

Importance of nature awareness

Have you ever been on the road somewhere, or waiting around at a bus stop, and you suddenly realise – the time has simply disappeared and you have no idea how many things you have passed – or how many things have passed you? Imagine how much you could have missed – birdsong, wild flowers, sunbeams, rainbows or butterflies… Because you were lost inside yourself. Your awareness was directed inside of you.

Now, imagine you could walk through the world with your awareness open to the world. This whole magical world could be yours. The dancing butterflies, the sun-dappled leaves, the scents of wild roses and honeysuckle, the warm, gentle breeze. Instead of life passing you by, you would be a part of life – beautiful, vibrant and alive. With a smile on your lips and a skip in your step.

Thoughts to consider

By walking with awareness, you turn everything around. Now, you become a part of the landscape you are traveling through. You become a part of Nature. By walking with awareness, you lift the walk from a mere walk into a magical experience. A walk accompanied by birdsong, brightened by butterflies and flowers, touched by sunbeams and raindrops. Wouldn’t this nature walk experience be so much more enjoyable and rewarding? This is the joy of nature awareness. Now let’s learn a little about its benefits.

Useful resources

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