Fancy a Nature Walk?

Here at My Nature Nook, we know that while we may have all the best intentions to get up and go outside… sometimes, we can hit a wall… we don’t know where to go! We turn to the internet search engines, but… what do we type? Where do we start?

After spending countless hours searching for nature walks around the UK for my own family to go out exploring, and really struggling to remember where I sourced them every time, I decided to gather all of the resources together in one place! I hope you find it useful x

What is a Nature Walk?

A nature walk is a fun, enjoyable, educational, adventure undertaken somewhere in the great outdoors. It could be a remote mountain pass… it could be a jungle… it could be round a garden pond… it could be a city park.

It is different from just a walk, in that you make a conscious decision to keep your eyes, ears, nose, mind and imagination open and take in all that the great outdoors offers you.

You do not Need anything particularly to do a fulfilling nature walk, only eagerness, openness and enthusiasm. But, it can help to be prepared with sensible shoes and comfortable clothes etc. and it may be nice to have a note book, field guide, collecting box or camera.

Before jumping in, take a moment to just be still and close your eyes… really absorb everything going on around you. Then as you walk, start observing closer. 

  • What can you see? What kind of place is this?
  • What can you smell? 
  • How is the weather? 
  • Listen. What can you hear? 
  • Where are you? How is the landscape? What is the terrain?
  • How is the ground beneath your feet?
  • Are there any signs of life – tracks, homes, poop etc…

For more information, check out our how to do a nature walk blog post. 

park nature walk
alpine nature walk
woodland nature walk

The Naturalist's Bucket List

To help you plan your nature walks, we have come up with a special nature walk bucket list. It is fun to visit all of these places, study them, describe them, draw them and most of all – ENJOY THEM!

  • River
  • Waterfall
  • Stream
  • Reservoir
  • Bog
  • Peat bog
  • Swamp
  • Marsh
  • Salt marsh
  • Pond
  • Lake
  • Estuary
  • Sea
  • Rocky seashore
  • Sandy seashore
  • Muddy seashore
  • Sand dunes
  • Tidal flats
  • Rockpool
  • Chalk cliffs
  • Canal
  • Limestone pavement
  • Red sandstone
  • Granite
  • Downs
  • Moorland
  • Heathland
  • Dales
  • Pine forest
  • Deciduous forest
  • Mixed forest
  • Old forest
  • Young forest
  • Meadow
  • Pasture
  • Allotment
  • Hedgerow
  • Hills
  • Grassy mountains
  • Rugged mountains
  • Valley
  • Cave
  • Gorge
  • Fjord

If you are adventurous, or lucky enough to live or travel abroad, here are a few additional places to add to your nature adventure list!

  • Tundra
  • Taiga
  • Grasslands
  • Prairie
  • Desert
  • Steppe
  • Plains
  • Salt flats
  • Rainforest
  • Jungle
  • Delta
  • Mangrove

(If there are places I have forgotten, or amazing places you know in other parts of the world, do let me know and we can add them to our list!)


Nature Walks Near Me

Why not click a link to find out more?

Nature Walks in Europe

Here are some links to explore the national parks of Europe. (We have explored parks in 10 different countries, the landscapes, views and experiences were truly amazing!)

About this Resource

In My Nature Walks, I have tried to collate the links for all of the major nature reserves, nature parks, trusts and commissions that I could find across the British Isles. Together, they cover – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

I am sure there are still many other resources out there – I come across them all the time. So, if you know of an amazing resource that everyone should know about, just drop me a line, and I’ll add it to the list!

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