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nature resources for younger children

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nature activities and nature walks for children

Nature Walks

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nature activities and navigational skills for children


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first aid and nature activities for children

First Aid

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understanding weather, nature activities for children


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reading the landscape, activities for children


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tracking activities for children

Tracks & Signs

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What is The Nature Nook?

The Nature Nook is a nature resource for younger children, that has been specifically designed to engage and enthuse pre-school, primary school and middle school-aged children – although, of course, older children and grown-ups are also more than welcome!

As I am creating all the images for this website alongside my books, blogs and looking after my own little explorer, however, it is a fairly slow process, so I do beg you – bear with me! The site will continue to flesh out and grow as fast as I am able to make it. 

I would therefore suggest signing up or subscribing, for further updates and information. 

How to use The Nature Nook.

You may feel free to use The Nature Nook however you see fit, but I would suggest using the site as you would a physical field guide. So…

  • Choose the section you wish to learn about – beasts, birds, bugs, flowers, trees or grasses
  • Narrow your field down by object – e.g. trees: fruit, flowers, leaves, nuts, catkins, seeds etc
  • Discover all about it!

For maximum benefit, I would also suggest using the site as a complement to our Nature Nook nature book and Nature Nook activity book, in addition to a nature journal. 

Nature Activities for Children.

Throughout this site, you will find a whole range of nature activities for children…

  • Field guides
  • Books
  • Activities
  • Links to useful resources.

I hope you enjoy using The Nature Nook.

Feel free to let me know any comments, feedback or suggestions

Happy Nature Walking!

Leila x

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