Daffodil Nature Study

Spring is here and with it comes such beautiful flowers as daffodils. These cheerful yellow flowers are a delight see and bring joy to parks and gardens everywhere.

In this nature study, we are going to learn about daffodils and explore their unique characteristics.

Materials needed:

  • Notebook or sketchbook
  • Pencil or pen
  • Coloued pencils or markers
  • Daffodils (or daffodil pictures)

Observing daffodils

For our first task, we are going to take some time to observe and get to know a daffodil. Here is what you need to to:

  • Go outside and find a daffodil (or use pictures if there are no flowers available)
  • Take a few minutes to observe the flower. What colour is it? How many petals does it have? Is there a pattern on the petals?
  • Look at its leaves. What shape are they? Are there any veins? Which way do they go?
  • Look at its stem. What colours can you see? What shape is it? Is it straight or bendy?
  • Now, draw the daffodil in your notebook or journal and colour it in with your pencils or markers.

The parts of a daffodil

For our next activity, we are going to look even closer at a daffodil and try to identify the different parts of its flower. Here is what you need to do:

  • Look closely at your daffodil (or use pictures) and notice all the different parts that make up the flower.
  • Try to identify the petals, the trumpet shaped corona, the stamen and the pistil.
  • Then, draw a picture of the daffodil in your journal and label each of its parts.

Daffodil colours

Did you know that not all daffodils are yellow? For this next activity, we need to look for daffodils in different places and and appreciate the amazing range of colours they come in.

  • Look for different daffodils (or use pictures) and see how many colour variations you can find. While some are yellow, others may have white petals and a yellow corona or even pink or orange petals.
  • Draw a few different ypes of daffodil in your journal and colours them in with your pencils or markers.

The life-cycle of a daffodil

Finally, for our last activity, we are going to learn about the life-cycle of a daffodil. Because, did you know that daffodils spend some of their life tucked away inside a bulb under the earth?

  • Using books or the internet, try to find pictures showing the life-cycle of a daffodil. How many stages does it go through? First it begins as a bulb, then leaves emerge from the top of the bulb, then the stem grows out and a bud appears and finally the bud opens to reveal the beautiful daffodil flower.
  • Draw a daffodil bulb, a young daffodil with leaves and stems and a daffodil in full flower in your journal, making sure to label each stage of the life-cycle.
daffodils, spring flowers

Did you enjoy this nature study?

Isn’t it amazing to learn about daffodils and to find out how many colours they come in too! What did you most enjoy learning about them? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and your pictures with us on Facebook or Instagram. I love seeing your wonderful nature study discoveries x

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