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Have you ever experienced nature walk magic?

Imagine for just one moment you are taking a stroll down a country lane. It is early autumn. The sky is a beautiful clear blue and a light breeze ruffles your hair. You don’t know it yet, but you are about to experience nature walk magic.

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You close your eyes

Far above, you can hear the raspy wheeze of a pair of swallows. They fly so fast you can barely see them, darting and dashing through the sky. You squint your eyes and gaze upwards trying to follow their flight. Are they really a pair of swallows? Or are they swifts or martins? You try to remember the difference.

Suddenly, a flash of bright orange eyes and jet black feathers brings you back to earth as an angry blackbird bursts out of the hedgerow in front of you. He lands on the branch of an ash tree and chatters noisily, scolding you for disturbing him.

After giving you a piece of his mind, he flies off in a flurry of feathers, the branch bouncing behind him. With each bounce, the tree rustles. Bunches of ash seeds, long and dangling swish and swing back and forth. As they swish, a seed falls off and spirals down to earth.

You watch it spinning

Your eyes follow the spinning seed as it floats down to land gently on the verge. There, it joins its many companions – ash seeds, field maple seeds and a variety of fallen leaves scattered on the ground.

You identify ash, hornbeam, sycamore, field maple… Your eyes dart along the hedgerow looking for their trees. There is the sycamore; and over there, the maple.

Just then, your attention is caught by a bush full of scarlet berries. Hawthorn. A robin is watching you inquisitively from its branches.

A smile lights your face as it flits closer, its bright eyes curious, its little head tilting towards you. You lift your hand, hoping it might come. But it decides to stay on the branches, before quickly flitting away.

You wish it had stayed

Your gaze lingers for a moment in the spot where it disappears, hoping it might come back, before focusing on a cluster of red-stemmed,  shiny black berries – elderberries!

Quickly, you skim the hedgerow – rowan berries, damsons, wild raspberries, rose hips and blackberries. The makings of a wild berry feast. You cross over the lane and pluck a juicy blackberry. Its sweet, sun-warmed juiciness melting in your mouth.

Oh, the delights of nature!

You smile a huge smile, your heart cheerful and brightened. Then you sigh in satisfaction – this is so nice…. before you realize…  you have only walked about ten steps and the rest of the lane is still to come!

This is the beauty of nature.

Here at My Nature Nook, we call it nature walk magic. Everything you see is like a friend. You know their names, their personalities, their quirks and their uses. It makes your nature walks come to life and never be boring again.

Would you like to join us and find your own nature walk magic?

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At My Nature Nook, we help you to grow your nature knowledge and create fun, family nature walks. Would you like to join us?

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