Nurturing Nature Connections

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about my nature nook

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Leila – A nature awareness coach, herbalist and full-time mama, nurturing nature connections and helping women experience the joy, calm and confidence that comes from enriching their lives with Nature – one nature walk, flower and tree at a time.

About My Nature Nook

If you enjoy the heart-warming scents of earth, moss and pine, or dream of babbling brooks and wild meadows, then My Nature Nook is for you.  It is a place to learn, reflect and enrich your life with Nature. A place of nature walks, foraging and herbalism. A place designed to help you learn the names and uses of our common trees and plants, experience the joy of interacting with nature – and to empower and guide you in nurturing your Nature connections.

Little Reads from My Nature Nook Blog

Light up your candles, snuggle up beside the hearth and explore these little reads from My Nature Nook Blog. From mouth-watering wild food recipes, to heart-warming herbal teas, from delicious floral delights to inspiring nature walk trails, it’s all here waiting for you…

Nature Walk Activities & Printables

Expand your awareness, grow your knowledge and deepen your connection to the wonderful, beautiful and magical world living and growing around you using scavenger hunts and spotter sheets that hone your skills and bring your nature walks to life!

tree buds
printable spring flowers spotter

What's it all about?

My Nature Nook is a special place for women who dream of finding their confidence, blossoming into their true selves, growing their knowledge and deepening their sense of connection to Nature. 

My mission is to create a beautiful and inspiring resource that empowers women around the world to find their inner strength, poise and confidence by enriching their lives with and connecting to Nature through nature awareness and interaction.

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