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Thank you for choosing to use my free guide: 12 Common Countryside Trees (and how to recognise them) to help you on your tree identification journey. It is on its way to your email as we speak. I hope you find it useful!
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If you would love some more help in identifying the tree leaves, seeds, berries, cones and flowers you come across on your nature walk, I have decided to offer my Tree ID bundle at a one-off, special, discounted price of $2.99 as a thank you for subscribing.
This bundle features all ten of my tree-themed ID prompts, spotters and scavenger hunt printables to help guide you in spotting and identifying some of the most common trees you will come across on your nature adventures across the four seasons. Here’s what’s included:

Tree ID Bundle

tree buds
printable flowering trees spotter
tree leaves
printable spring blossoms spotter
printable flowering shrubs spotter
printable nuts and seeds spotter
printable helicopter seeds spotter
autumn berries
autumn leaves
printable pine cone spotter

Special, one-time offer of $2.99

Normally priced at $27, this bundle is only available as a limited, one-time offer of $2.99 as a thank you for subscribing today. Are you ready to kickstart your tree identification adventure?

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