pink woodland flowers, foxglove

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Pink Woodland Flowers

Woodland flowers! There are so many of them lining the walkways and riverbanks of our woodlands and forests. But, do you know what they all are? Today, I shall introduce you to a few of our most common pink-coloured wild woodland flowers.

Woodland Flowers

The next time you wander through one of our many woodlands, keep an eye open and scan the path around you. Have you ever noticed just how many flowers there are lining the verges, forest borders, ditches, banks and streams? Once you spot them, they are everywhere! Pink flowers, yellow flowers, white flowers, blue flowers…. But, can you name them all? Today, we shall take a look at some of our pink woodland flowers.

pink woodland flowers, foxglove


Our first flower of the day – The Handsome Foxglove! Who can miss the tall, pink and purple spikes of the foxglove standing high above the brambles and bracken. Look inside the purple flowers and spot the little brown and reddish spots calling the bees to feast. Yes… bees really love the foxglove’s flowers. It makes a tasty treat 🙂 (Though, people must not eat them. )

rosebay willow herb

Rosebay Willow Herb

Second up, is another tall offering – the cheerful Rosebay Willow. Often found in sunny clearings, look out for its cushiony clouds of downy seeds wafting on the breeze. Like the foxgloves, bees and butterflies alike love the rosebay willow. So keep your eyes open to spot them!

red clover

Red Clover

Another flower beloved of bees, though this one a little shorter, and grows at ground level. The red clover has also been called bee’s bread! You can spot this flower down at ground level alongside its cousin, the white clover. Its leaves ten to grow in clusters of 3, so if you find a 4 leaf clover, you must keep it safe – it’s lucky! 🙂

red campion

Red Campion

Red campion is a very beautiful woodland flower and one that I do not come across all that often. It seems to be somewhat area specific, so if you are lucky enough to find a woodland with red campion, you should enjoy the sight and savour it. This flower is very easy to spot and pretty unmistakeable – the flowers are very bright pink, growing about ankle to knee height, an with a characteristic bulbus pouch at the back of the flower.

herb robert flowers

Herb Robert

Finally, last but not least, Herb Robert, is another pretty flower growing down at ground level. This flower may not be as showy as some of the others, but I think it is the prettiest. Look out for its fruit, with their characteristic tall, spiky shape. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about these beautiful pink flowers. Compared to parts of the world, our flora may not be exotic, but we have a plethora of dainty, elegant, bold and fancy blooms just waiting to be noticed and fully appreciated in our woodlands.

Hopefully, I shall catch up with some of our white, blue, purple and yellow woodland flowers soon to go alongside this pink flowers post.

(On this note, I do apologise, I am no longer writing very frequently – I am sure you understand the constraints of working from home while chasing a two year old toddler! But I am trying to write as frequently as I can.)

In the meanwhile, 

Happy Nature Walking, 

Leila x

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