Planning The Perfect Nature Walk

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planning the perfect nature walk

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is a nature walk?
  • The benefits of nature walking
  • Assessing your nature walk needs
  • Finding a walk
  • Staying safe
  • Being prepared
  • What to look for
  • Using your senses
  • Cycles and seasons
  • Habitats and environments

Welcome to Planning the Perfect Nature Walk

Are you ready to expand your awareness, grow your knowledge and deepen your connection to the wonderful, beautiful and magical world living and growing around you? Learn more

Module One

how this masterclass works

Lesson 1 - Introduction

An introduction to the Planning The Perfect Nature Walk masterclass, how it works, who it is for and how to sign up.

what is a nature walk?

Lesson 2 - What is a nature walk?

Discover what nature awareness is all about, what the world is like when you are not aware – and how amazing it is when you are.

the benefits of walking in nature

Lesson 3 - The benefits of walking in nature

Find out why nature awareness is important, its benefits on our  health and how it can promote connection and understanding.

Module Two

assessing your nature walk needs

Lesson 4 - Assessing your nature walk needs

Learn why touch is important to developing your senses and helping you foster a connection to Nature.

finding a nature walk

Lesson 5 - Finding a nature walk

Learn how your sense smell can help you develop awareness of your surroundings and the features around you.

staying safe on your walk

Lesson 6 - Staying safe on your walk

Learn how to develop your sense of hearing to tune into and appreciate the wildlife, weather and landscape.

preparing for your mature walk

Lesson 7 - Preparing for your nature walk

Learn how to really observe and hone your sense of sight to notice the wonderful details and subtle colours and textures of Nature.

Module Three

what to look for on your nature walk

Lesson 8 - What to look for on your nature walk

Beging paying attention to, interacting with and really getting to know your neighbourhood trees.

using your senses

Lesson 9 - Using your senses

There are so many plants growing all around us – even in the least likely places. But, how many do you actually notice?

Lesson 10 - Cycles, rhythms and seasons

Have you ever paused for a moment to observe the social and personal behaviour of a flock of birds? Its really interesting…

habitats and environments

Lesson 11 - Habitats and environments

How often have you paused to observe the movements and interactions of insects? Never, sometimes but absently?

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