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Linnet's Book Shop

Children's Books, Poetry and Nature Resources

Please feel free to browse our great range of Children's Books and Nature Resources.

Here you will find a selection of children’s books, including story books, poetry books, (poetry stories!), nature journals, nature activity books and nature guides – all created and designed by my Little Explorer and myself. I hope you enjoy them!

Leila x

P.S. If you have an idea for a children’s nature book you would really, really like to see, then just let me know, and I will see what I can do!

P.P.S. All the links currently take you directly to the book’s Amazon page. I am in the process of creating a shop so you can buy the books and other resources directly from my website. So stay tuned for ‘new shop’ updates!

The Book Shelf

Children's Books, Poetry and Nature Resources

Discover all of my books here...

Newest Releases

children's books, nature detectives

My Nature Nook - Detective's Book

A bright, bold and fun outdoor nature activity work book for key stage 1 and early years nature detectives. 

Perfect for forest school activities, natural history studies and fun, family nature walks.

Poetry and Bedtime Stories

Bobbin the Brave
Snow geese
Children’s poetry
Cherry blossom

Bobbin the Brave

Snow Geese

Reindeer Song

The Cherry Walk

A tale of friendship, courage and bravery.

A children’s poem with a difference.

A heartwarming glimpse into Arctic village life.

A book of mountains, hills and babbling brooks.

Children's Nature Books - Activities, Guides and Resources

Heron, pond
forest adventure

Find that bug! Follow that snail!

Bhalu's Forest Adventure

Beginner's Guide to Nature Walking

An outdoor children’s Nature activity book and Nature journal.

Story book, Nature guide, activity book and Nature journal.

All you need to know about how and where to Nature Walk.

Children's Nature Books - Find that Bug! Nature Activity Series

Spider, ladybird, grasshopper
Colouring books

Find that Bug!

Log that Bug!

Train that Bug!

Colour that Bug!

A children’s Nature activity book.

A children’s guided Nature journal.

A Nature-inspired train travel activity book.

A children’s wildlife colouring book.

Copyright Leila Bassir 2019 All Rights Reserved.

About Linnet's Book Shop

Linnet’s Book Shop is a self-published, independent, family run online book shop, publishing under the name Laughing Linnet Publications.

Our Book Goals

Our goals are simple – we wanted to create bold, bright, engaging, interactive books for children of all ages – books that will inspire and enthuse them to explore and discover all about Nature and the Outside World.

It is true, that there are plenty of Children’s Nature Books already out there – all properly illustrated, printed and published… but, we wanted to be different. We wanted our books to be read, engaged with… and used…

Yes. I myself have a bookshelf full of absolutely beautiful children’s nature books… but, they are not really practical. They show us the beauty of Nature or tell us Nature’s stories, but in a remote and distant way.

About Our Books

Laughing Linnet’s Books are designed to be battered and dogeared, dragged through the mud, scribbled on, written on, have corners folded as bookmarks… They are designed to be used on Nature Walks and enjoyed by their young owners.

For that reason, I have designed all of our Nature Books with oodles of space for doodling and note taking, journaling and scrapbooking and I have left plenty of space answering our quizzes, completing our activities, and general nature note taking.

Designed to Inspire

I have deliberately included activities to ask young minds to think and create, to explore and discover – to observe the world around them, soak in its details, draw it, collect it, and create their own Nature-inspired poetry and stories – and to create their own adventures.

So, I hope you enjoy reading and using our books as much as I enjoyed creating and illustrating them.

Happy Nature Reading,

Leila x

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