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My resources are here for YOU!

service tree


A selection of ten, tree-themed nature walk spotter sheets, featuring leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers and conifers.

common blue

Mini Beasts

A set of six, insect-themed spotter sheets, featuring ladybirds, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders and mini-beasts.



A set of eight nature walk spotter sheets for your younger explorers, featuring a range of birds, insects, plants and trees.


Activity Books

A selection of themed and seasonal, spotter and scavenger hunt-based nature walk activity books.

identifying field maple tree flowers


An assortment of fun, themed quizzes to test out your deductive skills and Nature knowledge.


Free Fun

Free, monthly nature walk spotter printables to focus your awareness and grow your knowledge.


Elsewhere on the Web

In addition to the resources above, you can also find My Nature Nook resource in:

Nature is inspiring, calming and balancing...

Why is Nature important?

As little as 20 minutes a day in Nature, can bring a sense of calm, clarity and mental alertness and lessen your stress responses – helping you restore your peace and balance. But, just being in Nature is not quite enough. The greatest benefit comes from being connected to and aware of her.

How to connect with Nature

But, how do you connect to Nature? How do you find her? This is where I come in. My resources are all designed to help grow your awareness and Nature connection – helping you derive the utmost benefits from your time in Nature – restoring your peace, balance, harmony and calm.

Learn to connect with Nature.

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