Trees Scavenger Hunt Bundle

trees scavenger hunt bundle

Perfect for nature walks all the year round, this bundle is an instant digital download (A4-sized PDF), suitable for home printing and includes the following scavenger hunts:

  • Tree buds and tree leaves
  • Tree flowers and tree blossoms
  • Nuts and seeds and helicopter seeds
  • Conifers and fruits and berries

Activities inside this bundle...

tree buds scavenger hunt
tree flowers scavenger hunt
nuts and seeds scavenger hunt
tree leaves spotter sheet
fruits and berries scavenger hunt
spring blossoms
helicopter seeds spotter sheet
pine cone spotter sheet

Please note, this bundle is a digital product. No physical product is provided. Because this is a digital product, no refund is provided.

    How to use these activities...

    The scavenger hunts in this bundle can be used by children, adults or the entire family for nature walks, nature study and practicing nature awareness. Downloaded and used online or offline, they can be used as a reference tool or field guide to identify what you find, or they can be printed off and taken out with you as an i-spy type game. You can even print two sets and have fun in teams to see who can spot everything first.

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