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Hello! This page is your quick and easy guide to all the questions you might have about nature walks, nature study, scavenger hunts, nature therapy and My Nature Nook.

Useful Guides

In this tutorial, Nature Walking 101, we will take a quick overview of what a nature walk is, where to do one, what to look for and how to find one.

In this tutorial, Nature Study 101, we will take a quick overview of what nature study is, what natural history is and how to get started as a naturalist.

Walking in nature, even for a short duration, has a number of positive benefits. It helps you to:

  • De-stress and relax
  • Improves mindfulness
  • Enhances focus and concentration
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Helps with depression
  • Increases immunity
  • Provides exercise
  • Increases stamina

In short, immersing yourself in nature, nourishes your body, your mind and your spirit – all at the same time!

My Nature Nook

My name is Leila. I am a full-time mum to two little explorers, poet, artist, doctor and herbalist. I also love nature – as you can see! I design and create all My Nature Nook resources, including the website, courses, books and activities. But, as any mother will know, it can be difficult juggling life around young children, so everything you see here is created in snatches in the rare moments my young explorers are sleeping. 

The purpose of My Nature Nook, is to help get you back to nature by providing beautiful, enjoyable, useful resources to help re-connect you and your family to nature. Our aim is to grow your nature knowledge and build your nature walk confidence.

I hope you enjoy our Nature Nook x

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Find a nature walk search tool

Using our carefully curated nature walk tool, it is easy to find your perfect nature walk.

Circular walks or linear walks; long walks or short walks; family friendly or accessible walks; woodland walks or waterfall walks… The possibilities are endless. Just type your location and walk type into the box to get started today! E.g. Woodland walks in Worcestershire or Waterfall walks near Cardiff.

(The tool is the box just below you and you can find your nature walks just below the ads x)

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