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Old Station Tintern - Nature Walk

Hello! Welcome and join us as we embark on another fun, family nature walk and explore the beautiful location of Tintern, in the Wye Valley. 

Old Station Tintern

The Old Station Tintern, is a charming location that we stumbled upon quite by accident. Hidden in the heart of the beautiful Wye Valley, it made such a lovely family day out, I had to share it for you all to enjoy too!

Where is Old Station Tintern?

This beautiful nature walk destination is located in the heart of the Wye Valley, close to Monmouth and Chepstow. It is an old steam railway station, with two carriages now used as a visitor centre, with toilets, cafe and children’s play area. Even better, they have a really lovely scheme to encourage your Little Explorers – you can collect a clip board from the visitors’ center to take around with you – a bit like a nature detective. If you can find everything on the clipboard, when you return from your walk, you are rewarded by a fun nature badge. If you earn 5 nature badges, you can choose a free tote bag. For kids – and adults, it is really fun!

Our Nature Walk

For our nature walk, we followed to trail left, past the cafe and play area until we reached the steps. This part of the walk was a perfect spot for woodland detective’s adventures. Climbing the steps (about 20), we turned right, over the bridge, heading towards the village – take a good look at the direction the river is flowing (more on this later!)

After the bridge, there are two options – for a slightly longer walk, and a delightful country hedgerow adventure, continue straight on and take the second left (the road after the river). Follow this up, exploring as you go, then return and follow the green ‘public footpath’ sign down a narrow lane towards the river.

Turn right along the river path and enjoy a lovely riverside adventure. Here, the river bank is so inviting, it is excellent for an impromptu picnic before continuing our nature walk. 

After the first gate / stile, get ready for the most amazing meadow detective’s adventure! Here, you will find magnificent oak trees, meadow flowers, bees and butterflies – hundreds of butterflies! We followed this path as far as the next gate along, by which point our Little Explore had fallen asleep on her baba’s shoulders. So, we decided to turn back. But in total, coming and going at the little one’s pace and stopping for a picnic, it took us  about 2.5 hours. 

Family Friendly?

So, it was a beautiful nature walk, but was it family friendly? Definitely. The paths were all suitable for an off road or sturdy buggy, except for the steps near the beginning. But, we took our Little One out and walked her up the steps, while I carried the buggy. So, it would be difficult to do single-handed. 

There were two gates along the walk, though we only used one, but the area is also used as a bridleway, so the gates are easy to open and push a buggy through. There are also stiles at each gate that you can use.

The going is really easy, almost entirely flat and therefore no problem for carrying sleepy explorers or baby wearing. 

There were so many species of flower, tree, bird and bug, we ticked off almost a third of our Nature Nook Detective’s Book and would easily have earned ourselves at least four Nature Nook Badges.

We would definitely recommend Old Station Tintern as a fun, family friendly nature walk destination.

Our Nature Detective's Findings

Here are just a few of our Little Detective’s findings on this multi-locational nature walk. Remember – there are woodlands, hedgerows, river banks and meadows to explore!

Old Station Tintern
hart's tongue fern
stinging nettle

Happy Nature Walking!

Leila x

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