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Deepen your connection to Nature

Mindful re-wilding and nature connection for earth-centred, Nature Nook Mothers

My Nature Nook is a place for you to grow your knowledge and deepen your connection to Nature in a mindful, inspiring and gentle way. A way that empowers you to re-wild and enrich your life and enhance your happiness, health and wellbeing through wisdom and knowledge of the natural world.

Nature resources for mums

Be inspired by tutorials, reviews, quizzes, recipes, tips and field guides that prompt and encourage you to find your daily dose of Nature.

Nature resources for kids

Engage and inspire your children to share your love of nature with my nature study, nature play and nature walk resources – great for both homeschool and family fun.

Welcome to My Nature Nook...

about my nature nook

Hello, I’m Leila! I am a nature awareness coach, herbalist and homeschooling mother with a passion for growing and sharing my botanical knowledge and nurturing my connections to the natural world. Learn more about me here...

What's My Nature Nook about?

My Nature Nook is divided into three main sections: rewilding, mindfulness and nature connection. Within these sections, you can find information about foraging, herbalism, nature crafts, nature walks, nature study, field identification, navigation and countryside safety: (and don’t forget My Nature Nook shop for family nature resources!)

A Nature Nook Mother is an earth-centered mother. A mother blessed with the knowledge to read the land, the wisdom to nurture the land and the skills to use the gifts of the land for her family’s happiness, health and healing.

Are you a Nature Nook Mother?

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About Leila

Leila is a doctor, herbalist and nature awareness coach with a passion for plants, trees, butterflies and birds. She loves spending time in the countryside, ambling down country lanes and strolling through woodlands and riverside meadows.

Her favorite flowers are violets, lady’s smock and wild roses; her favorite trees are birch, aspen and hawthorn and her favorite birds and butterflies are the orange-tip and chiffchaff.

She has lived all over the place, including the UK, Europe, India and the Middle East, but currently lives in Ireland with her children, husband and two stray cats.

Contact me

If you are an earth-centred author, business or nature lover and would be interested in sharing your work here, or if you have any great feedback, ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

You can contact me via email at

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