What is the Library?

My mission for My Nature Nook, is to be a helpful resource for nature lovers to expand their awareness, connect deeply with nature and grow their nature knowledge.

To this end, I created an online resource filled with practical, enjoyable, educational tutorials and activities to help nature-lovers chase their dreams of living a nature-rich lifestyle. I named this resource, the Library x

What is included?

This online resource includes my complete collection of nature walk scavenger hunts, spotter sheets, e-books, nature study posters, quizzes and illustrated field guides.

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Many of these items are printable PDFs, some can be downloaded and others are for using online.

I add new items to the Library all the time, so the collection is always growing, making it an accessible, easy way to help get the most from your nature walks and nature study.

Frequently asked questions

How does the library work?

After signing up, you will be taken to the Library dashboard where you can find links to access all the resources. Then, simply click a link for the resource you would like to access. Thereafter, you can access the Library by logging in via the menu bar.

Who is the Library for?

Anyone who loves Nature… Students, mothers, children, home=schoolers, those looking to add a sparkle to their nature walks; those looking to grow their nature awareness and anyone who loves a gentle nature adventure!

How long does it last?

Once you purchase access to the Library, you get life-long access.

How often is the collection updated?

I create all My Nature Nook resources in snippets around my two young children. So, sometimes it is hard, but I aim to update the collection monthly.

Are you open to new content ideas?

Yes, absolutely! I love receiving requests. So, if you have a printable, quiz or guide in mind, feel free to contact me at lbassir@mynaturenook.com

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