Nurturing Nature Connections

Helping busy girls enjoy more calm and connection through the every-day beauty of Nature

Do you see the beauty in Nature?

What is Nature Awareness?

Nature awareness is the ability to open your heart and open your mind to notice all the wonderful things around you – and to be one with the wonderful world around you. It gives you space to breathe, find your calm, discover your inner balance and walk with peace and serenity.


The key to healing through Nature, is great Nature connection.

Why is Nature Connection important?

As little as 20 minutes a day in Nature, can bring a sense of calm, clarity and mental alertness and lessen your stress responses – helping you restore your peace and balance. But, just being in Nature is not quite enough. The greatest benefit comes from being connected to and aware of her.

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The key to Nature connection, is great Nature awareness.


How much have you missed?

Have you ever arrived somewhere and realised you have no recollection of getting there – because the whole journey you were lost in your own thoughts?  Imagine how much you may have missed… Dancing butterflies, birdsong and sun-dappled leaves. Perhaps a warm, gentle breeze… and the scents of honeysuckle, linden and other wild flowers… A whole world around you – vibrant and alive.

This wonderful world could be yours!

Imagine the whole myriad feelings… of wonder, awe, surprise and delight, which could have been yours had you noticed these. You would have arrived with a skip in your step and a smile on your lips – your heart light and joyful. Instead of snapping yourself out of a self-focused trance, back to the real world. Being Nature aware let’s you experience all this beauty and delight.


Are you ready to re-charge through Nature?

It is time to shift perspective

To never lose another magical moment, we must change our focus and perspective – stop dwelling on ourselves and externalise our awareness – open our eyes, ears, hearts and noses and be receptive to our world. Yes, sometimes, it can be hard. But, remember – Nature is not something separate and outside of us… we are a part of Nature. And that is a beautiful thing!

Can you become Nature aware?

So, are you ready to open your heart and experience a world of awe and delight? Are you ready to arrive at your destination with a light, skippy step, a smile on your face and your cheeks merry and glowing? Are you ready to notice the butterflies and birds, the flowers and trees, the sunshine, breezes and magical things waiting for you to notice them?

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Struggling to find time for Nature?

My resources are here for you

From learning to nature walk, to starting your nature journal, to living your beautiful, peaceful countryside adventure, I am here to help you find calm and serenity though awareness and connection to Nature.

nature study classes


Beautiful nature walk printables to help expand your Nature awareness and grow your Nature knowledge.

nature activities and resources, nature activity books


Nature awareness courses to help start your Nature adventure and deepen your nature walk confidence.

children's nature club


Quick and easy Nature study tutorials designed to make you think, learn and connect to Nature in a conscious way.

Experience magic and beauty every day!

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I'm Leila - Nature awareness coach and mentor for women seeking calmness and connection to Nature.

Can you find time for Nature?

As a full-time mother, perpetual student and medical doctor, I know how difficult it can be managing student, parent and day-job stress. Sometimes it seems there is no opportunity to even take a breath. Never mind make time for Nature. Which is why I love helping mothers, students and hard-working women find much-needed moments of calm and serenity, balance and harmony, through conscious connection to Nature.

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