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Nature Walks

  • Get your kids into nature
  • Learn about nature walks
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Nature Study

  • Build your nature knowledge
  • Start your nature study
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Nature Connection

  • Expand your nature awareness
  • Deepen your nature connection

Who are we and how can we help you?

Hello and welcome! This is the home of My Nature Nook one of the few places for female nature lovers. We help you discover nature walks, dive into nature study, awaken your senses and form beautiful nature  connections. Whether you are a seasoned nature lover or just starting out; a free spirit, high-flier or full-time mum; seeking nature for yourself or for your little fledglings Рwe are here to help you. Our activities and resources will help you grow your nature knowledge, build your nature walk confidence and deepen your nature connections.

Inside My Nature Nook you will find, nature walk activities and botany masterclasses; meet medicinal plants; discover plant dyes; find foraging tips; practice nature awareness exercises; learn outdoor first aid; get wildlife garden and conservation ideas and much more.

Will you join us on this new adventure?

Are you ready?

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