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Here at My Nature Nook, we care about nature, kids and quality family time. So, we put together a whole range of resources to help kids learn all about Nature, and to help families enjoy a lovely time immersed in the depths of Nature.

With field guides, scavenger hunts, activity books, nature walks, nature badges and posters and prints galore, you are sure to find the perfect companion for your family’s next Nature Adventure!


Fantastic book! I bought for my 3 and 4 year old and they were really excited when we went into the gardening hunting! The pictures are wonderful and it is great for children! – Amy (Amazon Book Review)

About My Nature Nook

Hello and welcome to My Nature Nook! Who are we? We are here to help you discover new and amazing Nature Adventures; explore Nature Walks across the British Isles; learn all about our incredible wildlife; bring you prizes, awards and challenges and to inspire you to get up and out and connect your family to Nature. 

My Nature Nook is the brain-child of mum-of-one, artist and nature lover, Leila Bassir. Inspired by her own Adventures across Europe and beyond, all of the resources on My Nature Nook are designed by her to be family friendly, beautiful, inviting and inspiring. We want you to love Nature!

To learn more about Leila and the creation of My Nature Nook, please click here x

Fun facts!

  • All of our My Nature Nook resources, are created by Leila using only an iPad and her finger!
  • She has visited 25 different countries across Europe and Asia, including the Arctic Circle, India and Seychelles
  • Leila has lived in eight different countries – five of them just in the last four years!
  • She is now on iPad number 3, having dropped one in the ocean and another down a mountainside!

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We hope you enjoy visiting My Nature Nook and using our resources.

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Happy Nature Walking x

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