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Have you ever found yourself walking somewhere and as you arrive at your destination, you realise… you have no recollection of actually getting there? Because the whole journey, you were lost, deep inside of your own thoughts. (I know… This happens to me a lot!) Then, perhaps like me, you blink, shake your head, and just carry on your day.

But, imagine how much you may have missed, by focusing so internally… Dancing butterflies, birdsong, sun-dappled leaves, beautiful flowers; a warm, gentle breeze; the scents of honeysuckle, linden and other wild flowers… A whole world around you – beautiful and vibrant, vivid and alive.

Imagine all the myriad feelings… of wonder, awe, surprise and delight, which could have been ours had we noticed these things. We would have arrived at our destination with a skip in our step and a smile on our lips; our hearts, light and joyful. Instead of snapping ourselves out of a self-focused trance, back to the real world.

But... how do we shift focus?

How exactly do we learn to stop dwelling on ourselves and begin to notice all these wonderful, magical things?

The answer, is awareness.

Mindful awareness

In order to never lose a magical moment again, we need to change our focus – and our mind’s perspective. We need to stop dwelling on our own internal cogwheels and externalise our awareness. We need to open our eyes, our noses, our hearts and our ears and be receptive to the world around us.

Yes. Sometimes, it can be hard – very hard, to shift our thoughts outside of our heads and notice the real, wide world. And, sometimes, it can be really overwhelming – there is so much nature around us to see! But, we need to remember, Nature is not something separate and outside of us… we are a part of Nature. And that is a beautiful thing!

So, are you ready to open your heart and experience a world of awe and delight? Are you ready to arrive at your destination with a light, skippy step, a smile on your face and your cheeks merry and glowing? Are you ready to notice the butterflies and birds, the flowers and trees, the sunshine, breezes and magical things waiting for you to notice them?

Your mission...

Should you choose to accept it… is to engage, expand and apply your beautiful nature awareness to experience exciting and fulfilling nature walks and enjoy the beautiful, glorious world around you x

Are you ready?

Will you join us on this great adventure and learn to expand and engage your awareness?  Are you ready to not just look, but truly see; not just listen, but truly hear; not just sniff, but truly smell and not just touch, but truly feel this wonderful world around us?

Then head on over and let’s get started x

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