Nature Nook Women

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about my nature nook

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Leila – A nature awareness coach and herbalist, helping Nature Nook Women re-wild themselves and grow their botanical knowledge in a gentle, creative and nurturing way.

Who is a Nature Nook Woman?

Who is a Nature Nook Woman?

A Nature Nook Woman, is a kind, gentle soul who loves the calm, peace and freedom of being outdoors surrounded by fresh air, flowers, birdsong and nature.

She is creative, caring and spiritual, finding magic and wonder in the simplest of things – she beams with delight at the sight of wild roses, laughs with joy at the sight of babbling streams; dashes to the window when she hears the wild geese calling and can sit for hours listening to the wind in the trees.

A Nature Nook Woman longs to follow the call of Nature singing in her soul, following it to wildflower meadows, alpine pastures, sun-dappled forests and countryside lanes. She longs to be one with the world around her, feeling her ancesteral connection to the land, trees, birds, animals and flowers.

She yearns to know more – to read the land, recognise birdsong, know the uses of trees and the remedy of plants. She love the thrill that comes from recognising a bird on the wing, or an animal track; of watching the waves, the seasons and the changing weather.

Most, of all, she enjoys the deep, comforting satisfaction that comes from enriching her life with the natural world – of learning, living, growing and working with nature and the elements of nature – and of learning to re-wild her soul.

Does this sound like you?

Are you ready to re-wild yourself?

Does the idea of being outdoors, immersed in nature and growing your wonderful, wild, nature knowledge excite and intrigue you?  Then you have come to the right place.

My mission with My Nature Nook is to help beautiful, Nature Nook Women to re-wild themselves and grow their knowledge in a gentle, nurturing and creative way through a combination of nature walks, nature awareness, nature journaling and enjoyable, practical nature study.

My Nature Nook is designed to help you on each stage of your re-wilding journey, from beginner, all the way through to expert. But, this is a journey we will make together, since I am a one-woman team and a full-time toddler and pre-schooler mother. So, I will continue providing and adding resources as I am able to create them.

In the meantime, why not join The Nook and to get updates and resources.

Happy nature walking and see you soon,

Leila x

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