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about my nature nook

I'm Leila...

A nature awareness coach and herbalist, helping women grow their botanical knowledge and deepen their connection to Nature in a gentle, enjoyable and nurturing way.

If you love nature walks, journaling and finding beauty in nature, then My Nature Nook is for you x

Are you ready to connect with Nature?

Are you someone who feels your hear sour and your spirit sing whenever you connect with Nature? Does the idea of being outdoors, immersed in nature and growing your wonderful, wild, nature knowledge excite and intrigue you?  Then you have come to the right place.

My mission with My Nature Nook is to help you deepen your sense of connection to Nature and grow your nature knowledge knowledge in a gentle, nurturing and enjoyable way through a combination of nature walks, nature awareness, nature journaling and nature study.

My Nature Nook is designed to help you on each stage of your nature connection journey, But, this is a gentle journey we will make together, since I am a one-woman team and a full-time, homeschooling, toddler and pre-schooler mother. So, I will continue providing and adding resources as I am able to create them.

In the meantime, why not join The Nook and to get updates and resources.

Happy nature walking and see you soon,

Leila x

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