My Nature Nook

children's nature adventures

Creating Beautiful Nature Adventures

For the young, the inspired and the lovely at heart

Launching Spring 2020

About My Nature Nook

Hello and welcome to My Nature Nook! Who are we? We are here to help you discover new and amazing Nature Adventures; explore Nature Walks across the British Isles; learn all about our incredible wildlife; bring you prizes, awards and challenges and to inspire you to get up and out and connect your family to Nature. 

My Nature Nook is a one-woman resource created by mum, artist, doctor and herbalist, Leila Bassir. Inspired by her own Nature Adventures across Europe and beyond, all of the resources on My Nature Nook are designed by her to be family friendly, beautiful, inviting and inspiring. We want you to love Nature!

What's Inside?

  • Nature walks
  • Nature resources
  • Activity books
  • Detective’s books
  • Field guides
  • Nature club
  • Awards, badges and competitions!

Are YOU Ready to

Explore. Discover. Play

Come and join us!

Beautiful Nature Adventures

children's nature adventures


Fantastic book! I bought for my 3 and 4 year old and they were really excited when we went into the gardening hunting! The pictures are wonderful and it is great for children! – Amy (Amazon Book Review)

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